Is It Legal to Fly Over the Golden Gate Bridge?

Drones are becoming more and more popular. Many people want to buy them, but some of the places they want to fly them at have restrictions. One place that is often asked about is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. The questions usually arise when people want to know if it’s legal or not for drones to be flown over the bridge – especially during a time where there may be safety issues involved with having drones flying near it. In this blog post we will answer those questions so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you should fly your drone over the Golden Gate Bridge!

Drones are not permitted near the Golden Gate Bridge or other District properties. Their usage poses a safety and security risk to both visitors and staff.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a popular bridge both for transportation and as an icon. The increasing number of drone pilots on the bridge can cause risk or accidents, which could in turn create hazards for everyone else.

When drones drop from the sky they have a risk of causing accidents. The Bridge is crowded and so are District property. Drones cannot fly near the bridge or District property for security reasons.

Drones can’t fly near the bridge. If they do, they will be tracked and the person who owns it might lose their drone. People are also not allowed to fly drones in National Park Service land which includes areas near the bridge to the north and south.

Can you fly drones over bridges?

You cannot fly a drone over bridges.

You can’t fly drones over a bridge because that would be unsafe- plus, there are so many cars and people that might get hurt if something went wrong! Plus, it breaks one of the golden rules of driving: stay out of other people’s way! Driving is difficult enough as it is- adding drones into the mix would make things worse because they could fall and create accidents in crowded places. It would also make things harder for pedestrians trying to cross busy streets or go about their daily life.

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