[SOLVED] Blurry Drone Pictures and Videos

Are the pictures you are taking with your drone blurry? If so, there might be a simple solution to fix it. This article will discuss how to get a sharper video quality from your drone and the reasons why this is important for drone photography. 1. drones are flying cameras

7 Reasons why your Drone Pictures are Blurry

Blurry drones pictures are a result of the Drone not being able to focus on your subject because they can’t see it.

  1. Your drone is too high: drones need to be at least 20 feet above ground level in order for them to have an accurate picture of what’s below them.
  2. The camera is dirty or dusty
  3. The drone battery is low: drones require a certain amount of power in order to take accurate pictures. When the battery starts to die, it won’t be able to focus on your subject.
  4. Your drone is unstable: drones need to remain as stable as possible in order for the camera to take accurate pictures. When you are flying your drone, it needs to be at a constant height and speed
  5. The drones lens is not up to date: drones lenses are constantly updating and upgrading, so if your drone’s camera has outdated technology or isn’t updated enough then the quality of its pictures will be low. Contact a local technician in order to find out how you can update the drones software on your own.
  6. Your drones lens was not cleaned: drones lenses need to be kept clean in order for them to take quality pictures. You’ll want to use a cloth to wipe the drones lens before you take pictures.
  7. The drones software needs updated: drones are constantly updating and upgrading their software, so drones need to have the newest software in order for their pictures to be clear. Contact your local technician and they will be able to tell you how to update drones software.

How to take Sharper Photos and Videos with your Drone

  1. Drones are flying cameras and in order for them to take quality pictures they need to be able to focus on the subject.
  2. The drone’s camera needs light or else it will have a difficult time seeing your face, so try taking photos outside when there is plenty of sunlight available.
  3. Make sure that you’re not using zoom because drones don’t come with this feature built-in; zooming into the picture can make it blurry as well.
  4. Don’t use drones at night unless you plan on capturing some long exposure shots like stars in the sky, but if you do want to fly your drone at night then keep it high above ground level where there is lots of light shining down below so that it has enough power from its battery to take the pictures.
  5. If you’re taking a picture of someone, make sure they are facing away from direct sunlight so that there is no glare on their face.
  6. Don’t fly drones in the rain; drones need lots of light in order for them to be able to see your subject and if it’s raining then drones will not be able to see anything below because it has too much reflection off of its lens which means blurry images.
  7. Try flying drones at around 20 feet above ground level instead of right over people or other objects because this height allows drones camera enough time looking through natural obstacles like trees branches in order for it capture good quality photos without blurring out faces or any important details.
  8. When shooting low angles, drones need to be 20 feet above ground level in order for drones camera lens to focus on the subject that is below it.

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