A Complete Guide to Waterproof and Water-resistant Drones

Drones are waterproof, and you will need to consider the IP rating. The IP rating is a measure of how well a product can resist penetration by dust, water, or other elements. This includes splashing water from all directions (even above), exposure to rain, or being submerged in shallow – meaning not deep immersion just sitting on the surface like while kayaking – bodies of water for extended periods of time.

Examples of products with various levels include:

IPX4: splash-proof; suitable for dusty environments

IPX7: hand-held devices that can be rinsed under running tap water

IPX8: resists full submersion (ie it won’t immediately break as soon as it’s submerged).

What is a waterproof drone?

A waterproof drone is a camera-carrying unmanned aerial vehicle, engineered to be able to withstand the force of water and light rain. These drones are usually made with tough plastic or rubberized material that can resist damage from exposure to water.

Are DJI Drones waterproof

Official data does not support the claim that these DJI drones can withstand water. These drones are equipped with a large number of orifices, which aren’t protected in any way shape, or form. This means that water can easily get inside the drone’s body. We all know electronics and water don’t mix well together.

DJI doesn’t recommend that you land your drone in water puddles.

However, some DJI drones may be able to withstand a few more water splashes than the DJI Mavic. On the other hand, the DJI Phantom models have many vents throughout their bodies.

DJI has commercially drones such as the:

Matrice 200 is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including rain. These DJI drones have an IP43 rating, making them water-resistant. Agras is also water-resistant.

Are Parrot Drones Waterproof

No, Parrot Anafi series of drones are not waterproof. These drones are built out of plastic, which is not waterproof.

Here’s a list of the five best water-resistant (not waterproof) drones on the market:

DJI Phantom Pro – $1500

This drone has an IP43 rating and can withstand light rain for up to 30 minutes without any issues. The DJI Phantom series have many vents throughout their body that allow water vapor to escape from inside during flight. This prevents them from getting too heavy with water content, or shorting out in high-humidity environments such as tropical areas.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro – $1800

The Yuneec typhoon H pro has two layers of coating underneath its shell; one layer is designed to repel moisture while the other prevents corrosion caused.

This drone is able to withstand water droplets for up to 30 minutes without any issues.

Yuneec H920 – $900

The Yuneec H920 has a lot of vents throughout its body, and it can also be submerged in up to three feet of water. This ensures that the internal components will stay dry even if you fly your drone into a lake or pool, but only for about ten minutes at most. The rain-resistant coating on this model prevents corrosion caused by moisture from ruining the delicate electronics inside the device’s shell.

Parrot Bebop Pro – $1800

A powerful dual-core processor provides these drones with high agility and stability during flight in all types of weather conditions including wind and water. The Parrot Bebop Pro is waterproof and can withstand light rain for up to 30 minutes without any issues, but it cannot be submerged in more than a few inches of water.

Purple Haze F520 – $700

The Purple haze f520 has an IP65 rating which means that these drones are completely dustproof as well as being resistant to high-pressure water jets from all directions. This model also features corrosion protection so even if you fly your drone into the ocean or another body of saltwater, the internals will stay dry. It’s also designed with an anti-splash design that prevents droplets from getting inside when they’re flying through wet environments like heavy rainstorms or snowfall areas

Water-proof vs Water-resistant drones

A water-proof drone is a drone that is designed to be able to withstand the force of water. This means you can use it in all sorts of watery environments without any issues. A water-resistant drone is not waterproof, but it can withstand a light rain or exposure to water. You do have to take some measures when flying a water-resistant drone, such as checking for potential open holes or seals, but it should be okay if those precautions are followed.

Drones with best IP ratings for water resistance:

DJI M200 Series

These powerful flying machines are not meant to fly under water. These drones can be flown in the rain, as it has an IP43 protection rating. If you have to fly in the rain, there are some rules you should follow.

  • When it rains, don’t fold the drone’s arms.
  • If the rainfall falls more than 10mm per day, you should not use your aircraft.
  • When flying, monitor the drone’s inclination. It shouldn’t exceed +-30deg
  • Make sure surfaces and battery pots are dry.

DJI Matrice 300

The drone is stable and delivers exceptional performance even in adverse weather conditions. The IP rating of the drone is 45. This means it is adequately protected against solid objects greater than 1mm in diameter and against water jets, with limited ingress. DJI Matrice 300 has become a benchmark in the commercial drone industry. This powerful flying machine has many benefits.

  • Amazing agility and maneuverability even in extreme high winds.
  • Six direction dual visual sensors, and dual Time-of-Flight sensor enable pilots to fly confidently.
  • DJI’s highest capacity batteries power the drone. The drone can hover for up to 50 minutes with two batteries.
  • Redundancies that provide safety in the event of damage
  • Triple gimbal support (The drone can leverage two payloads);
  • OcuSync Enterprise;
  • Primary Flight Display.

Parrot Anafi USA

The drone is a lightweight, durable and portable aerial camera platform with excellent imaging options. The 32x zoom is built around two 21-megapixel cameras. These features allow operators to see details clearly up to five kilometers away. It takes just minutes to fold the drone up and then take it off.

Although the average flight time is 32 minutes long, the drone’s endurance is good. It is small and portable but powerful. This flying machine has an IP rating of 53. Protection against 4 micron dust particles as well as a water spray

DJI Agras 16

This well-known drone is suitable for agricultural use. It can withstand water, and it can tolerate dust. This flying machine has an IP54 protection level. It is therefore highly protected from water splashes and dust. The protection level for spray control, aerial-electronics, and propulsion electronic stabilization systems is higher, IP67. Dust tight. No ingress of dust for 2-8 hours. Protected from vertically falling drops. Protection against the effects on immersion in water between 15 cm to 1 m for 30 seconds.

SwellPro Splash Drone 3

This flying machine was created by geniuses. The drone can be submerged under water to capture amazing footage. The drone has a 4K camera and a 2-axis gimbal. Both are resistant to moisture. The flying machine is stable and reliable. It has rock-solid controls. These are the main benefits of this drone:

  • Robust waterproof 4K camera
  • There are many shooting options available.
  • A 1000g payload
  • Solid control range
  • Average speed is 57 km/h

Its flight time is only 16 minutes. It is also a bit expensive.

Goolskey Poseidon-480

This high-capacity drone has an IP67 waterproof certificate. This drone is able to withstand any weather conditions and can be used even after being submerged in water for over eight hours. Other benefits include high wind resistance and the ability to carry a payload of 1200g!

It’s an extremely powerful tool that can transport heavy objects over water surfaces, even in rainy weather. The drone has durable plastic shells and responsive controls. The drone is equipped with durable plastic shells and responsive controls. This allows for a smooth flight experience. A powerful controller with a 7 inch display is required to operate the unit.

HexH20 Pro V2

This folding helicopter can perform various operations in the air, thanks to its powerful 4K camera. HexH20 Pro V2 is based upon DJI components such as the Zenmuse X3 controller, camera, and Lightbridge radios. The DJI Go app allows users to fly the UAV. You can land on the waves or take off with this powerful drone. DJI Inspire produces the same quality photography.

This powerful, water-resistant drone is priced at $1995. You can also purchase the Zenmuse flight controller, camera and tablet separately. You’ll spend more than $8,000. This investment is worthwhile if you require a drone that can withstand water.


It is a sub-sea drone equipped with a camera. The drone can fly in all types of water. It has a 50-meter cable, a 4K camera and an FPV headset which allows you to see what you are recording. A 4K UHD camera allows filmmakers to capture high-quality content under water. There are also 2 horizontal and 1 vertical thrusters on the drone. These will allow the drone to swim in still water. It can dive for up to four hours.

PowerRay’s starting price is $1,400. However, the drone is well worth it.

Tetra Drones Tetra

British scientists built this drone. This multi-functional submersible flying machine can tilt its propellers forward to allow it to maneuver through water. The drone can support a GoPro, or other small camera similar to it. This is typically placed behind a glass bubble.

If you plan to fly in the rain, or if you purchase drones for security purposes, make sure you check the IP rating. Higher ratings mean better protection.

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