Using DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic Pro 2

DJI assistant 2 for Mavic Pro is a valuable software by which you can calibrate your sensors, do regular firmware updates, upload flight data and black box information. 

This article shall look at what is DJI Assistant 2 and how to use it for DJI Mavic 2 Pro. And also, we shall look at how to connect the DJI assistant 2 to the Mavic pro. 

What is DJI Assistant 2?

DJI assistant 2 is software that helps you access additional options on the DJI drone like sensor calibration, firmware update, black box information, and upload the flight data. You can also test the flight conditions with the help of a simulator available in the software.

You can download the software onto your computer, and you can access these additional options. You can find different versions of software for a different drone on the official website of the company. 


How to use DJI Assistant 2 with Mavic pro?

  1. The process is straightforward. Download the DJI Assistant 2 on your computer and log in with your DJI account credentials. If you don’t have a DJI account, register as a new user. 
  2. Once you have installed the software for the respective drone on your computer, you need to connect your drone to the computer.
  3. The application must automatically read the drone, and it will show you the advanced options.
  4. The first option is that of the firmware update. With this option, you can update your drone to the latest possible version. You also have the opportunity to downgrade to lower versions of the software if you want to. You can also check out release notes of the software in this option.
  5. The second option is the data upload, in which you can see all your flight logs. You can remove those logs from the drone and save them locally on your computer or share them with official DJI servers for analysis using the report data option. You can analyze any sudden crashes with the help of this option.
  6. The next option on the line is the flight data. You can check out the complete ariel route the drone has taken in its flight in this option, along with an incredible amount of data like battery temperature during the flight, weather, etc. Sometimes, this option may not work, but plenty of websites can read the data files and give you the required output.
  7. The fifth option on the software is BlackBox. You might have heard of BlackBox in airplanes, and it serves the same purpose in the drones. In this option, you can find only one option, which is “save to local.” If you click on that button, the software asks you the exact location you want to store that data, and then data files appear on that location. These files also contain vast amounts of data which you can send to the DJI official site for analysis.
  8. The sixth option is calibrating the sensors. You can adjust the distance of the drone to the small box on the screen and then follow the boxes that move across the screen. By doing so, you can calibrate the sensors precisely for the next flight.
  9. The next option is that of the simulator. In this option, you can calibrate the test flight conditions and fly the drone in simulation. This simulation will help you in your practice if you are a novice pilot.
  10. In the last option, you can change the wifi settings of the drone. You can change the name and the password of the system by using this option. This option is vital because your phone will connect to the drone wifi using these settings.


Do I need  DJI Assistant 2?

This software is highly beneficial as it gives you vast amounts of data and analysis of your flight. The firmware updates keep the drone up to date with the latest drone software version. You can test the BlackBox to record any malfunctions in the drone during crash situations. For the Mavic series, you need the software to calibrate the obstacle sensors. The simulator option in the software can help novice pilots to practice with test flight conditions. You can also configure your drone Wifi settings using the DJI Assistant 2.

All in all, this is a highly recommended software for DJI drone users, and it is beneficial.








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