Why my Drone Propellers won’t stop Spinning?

Sometimes after a crash landing, your drones’ propellers won’t stop spinning even after landing. It may be one or multiple propellers spinning continuously without stopping. In some extreme cases, the propellers won’t stop turning even if the drone is switched off. The drone will continue taking power from the battery, and you have to disconnect the battery to stop the propellers from spinning.

If you have been facing this problem with your drone, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we shall look at some of the generic reasons why your drone propeller won’t stop spinning, and also we shall look at some of the popular hobby drones and their fixes at the end of the article.

Sometimes after a horrible crash landing, you can find your propellers are not stopping even after they have landed. This may be caused due to 3 reasons mainly. Transistors act as a bridge between the central circuit and the motors. Faulty transistors will lead to drone propellers continuously spinning. Replace or repair the transistors to solve the problem. Another major reason that causes this problem is the bad solder joints from the previous crash. If you are good with circuits, replace the bad solder joints with new ones using the tools mentioned in the article or approach a professional who can solve the problem for you. Sometimes the wrong calibration of the electronic circuits will make the propellers spin uncontrollably. This can be solved by reading the instructor’s manual thoroughly and recalibrating the entire system.




The motors that rotate the propellers are connected to the central computer board with the help of a transistor. This transistor acts as a switch between the motors and the main system. Transistors are generally in one of the two states ON/OFF.

If there is a broken transistor between the control board and the motors, the propellers won’t stop spinning. If this is the case, then you need to replace or repair the transistors.

If you are good with electronics, then it is easy to repair/replace a transistor. You can see a diode that is in between the motor and the central system. Carefully remove the diode and place it in a holder so that the transistor doesn’t move while you are soldering it. Solder the broken joints, put the transistor back in its place, and your drone should be working.

You can also replace the faulty transistors with a new one as they are available at affordable prices.


Due to extreme crash situations, sometimes the solder joints on the circuit board can get easily damaged. This can also result in the propellers spinning continuously. In this situation, you can always give the drone back and ask for a new one but if you want to try repairing it on your own, then be sure to pick up the right tools to do the job correctly.

All you need is a soldering iron tip and a solder wick. Please pick up the right size of the solder tip to interfere with the other parts of the drone while repairing it. Remove the bad solder joints with a solder wick that sucks up the bad solder joints quickly. Solder the joints properly so that they don’t break out soon in the crash.

This must solve the problem of propellers spinning continuously, and you can take the skies.


CALIBRATING ESC(Electronic Speed Controller) AND IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit):

 The Electronic Speed Controller is an electronic circuit that acts as an intermediate between the pilot and the drone motors. This circuit is responsible for controlling the speed of the drone motors. This circuit must be calibrated precisely so that the drone will be steady on the flight.

If you face the problem of drone motor spinning continuously, then try and recalibrate the Electronic Speed Controller so that the drone operates most efficiently. Generally, in the drones with this circuit, an “All at once” method is used to recalibrate the ESC. Please be sure to read the owner’s manual before trying recalibration.

In DJI drones, IMU circuits are used for calibrating the drone. IMU stands for Inertial Measurement Unit. The mobile app should automatically warn you if there is any problem with the calibration. If there is any such warning appearing, then make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual and recalibrate the drone. This recalibration shall help you solve the problem.

Sometimes the problem may also occur due to various reasons. We all know that water and electronic gadgets don’t get along very well. Even though your drone has water-resistant certification, be very careful while flying above the water bodies or altogether avoid flying over water.



Drone won’t stop spinning issue in PARROT ANAFI

This is one of the popular drones in the market known for its video quality at an affordable price. This drone comes with a 180-degree camera and a built-in zoom. This drone is the most silent drone and is available at 700$.

Most often, the problem with this drone is that the propellers won’t stop spinning. If this is the case, make sure you have checked the circuit board for faulty transistors.

If you find any faulty transistors, then make sure you replace or repair them. Be very careful while repairing the drone as it is a very sensitive one. After replacing or repairing the drone’s faulty transistor, you will be able to solve the problem and fly again.


Drone won’t stop spinning issue in DJI MAVIC 2 PRO:

This is one of the high-range drones available in the market at $1500. It can fly at 45MPH, which is comparatively very high when you compare it with other drones. The camera quality is fantastic. The omnidirectional obstacle avoidance feature helps the drone to avoid collisions with trees.

This drone uses IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) as calibration. The app you install on the mobile phone will tell you if the calibration is wrong and if it needs to be reset. Make sure to calibrate everything precisely after reading the manufacturer’s manual. This reset in the calibration should help you solve the problem of the propeller continuously spinning.


Drone won’t stop spinning issue in SYMA X20:

If you want to get some flying experience before shifting to high-range drones, then SYMA X20 is the best drone available in the market. This drone is available at an as low a price as 37$.

The most common thing with cheap drones is that they crash a lot. This is one of the reasons for broken solder joints. You can easily replace the bad solder joints with new ones if you have the right tools mentioned earlier.

Be very careful while repairing the lousy solder joints as you have the risk of damaging the other parts of the circuit, and you shall be back in the air in no time.










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